About the Campaign

Our Future Better Farmed

Our farmers are ready for a conversation with all Victorians about how food and fibre is produced in our great state.

We call it Open Gate Conversations. Like a welcoming farm gate, Victoria’s farmers are opening up their farms in a virtual conversation.

Ask a question, and a Victorian farmer will provide the answer.

We want to talk about the value our farmers bring as stewards of the Victorian countryside and providers of fresh, nutritious food.

We are ready to discuss the issues that matter to all Victorians; climate change, sustainability, use of chemicals and other technology, animal welfare and managing landscapes.

Victorian farmers are not standing still.  Through better technology, farm management and regulation they are striving for a future better farmed.

Whether your interests are sustainability or animal welfare, Open Gate Conversations will put you in touch with a farmer who can answer your questions.

Open Gate Conversations is managed by the Victorian Farmers and supported by the Victorian State Government.

Channel 10’s Gorgi Coghlan

Hi, You might know me from Channel 10’s The Project and my other TV and theatre roles.
What you may not know is I grew up on a sheep farm in western Victoria. 

I am passionate about how our food and fibre is grown and how our Victorian farm landscape is managed.

Like all parents, I want nutritious and quality food for my family and to know we are farming sustainably for future generations.

If you are curious like me, you might want to find out what happens on Victoria’s farms.
Open Gate Conversations is an initiative from the Victorian Farmers to open up the farm gate, virtually, and invite Victorians in.

Ask anything you like, and we will find a farmer with an answer.

Whether you like veggies and lentils, or steak and chips, Open Gate Conversations can help you find the answers about how Victoria’s farmers are working hard for a future better farmed.


What do you want to know about farming? This is your chance to ask real farmers about life on the land.